Our Creed






 ダイエット目的、健康目的、護身のため、個人個人で色々なテーマがあって良いと思います。その全てのニーズにトライフォースはお応えしていきます。 トライフォースには道場の仲間達との触れ合いがあります。様々な出会いをアレンジしてくれる「社交場」でもあるのです。日々に柔術があり、柔術が日々を生き生きとさせる。そんな生活をみなさんにご提供し、健康な体と健全な心を我々と共有して頂けたらなと思っています。



Credo of TRI-FORCE Akasaka

-Our principles-

TRI-FORCE is determined to fully introduce all the essence of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Our intention is to promote the following; Jiu-jitsu as the finest art of self-defense, Jiu-Jitsu for actual combat situations, and Jiu-Jitsu as a sport which is safe and anybody can enjoy. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a sport which anybody can continue throughout his/her life regardless of age and gender.

Purpose should be different for each individuals. You may join us to be healthier, lose weight, or defend yourself, etc. We are confident that we have the capacity to meet different customer demands. Also, TRI-FORCE is a place for social interaction and it provides encounters with various people. We sincerely hope that Jiu-Jutsu enriches your life as well as keeps your body and mind fit. If your life becomes more lively through Jiu-Jutsu and if we can be a part of it, it is our great pleasure.

The credo of TRI-FORCE Akasaka is as follows. All the employees including managers, trainers, and administrative staffs are fully aware of this and act in obedience to the credo. We will positively improve and revise the contents of this credo if it is required.

We are fully aware that our mission is to contribute to member’s fulfilling life
We promise to provide best equipment with top trainers (instructors?) to create a good environment for workout
We are ready to welcome members when they come to our gym, and support them to do exercise with a smile
We never force hard workouts to members, but support members to continue exercise for a long time depending on
We intend to improve member’s health, athletic ability, and combat sport techniques every 5 years
We assume all risks, we make sure to not cause and try to protect members from accidents and injuries
We ensure that the work environment is properly managed and all employees can work lively for customers