Price & Entry





 ※1 当日入会された方は入会金無料となります。


入会金 月額10,000円
一般会費 月額16,000円
女子会費 月額10,000円
マスター会員(男性) 月額30,000円
マスター会員(女性) 月額25,000円
ビジター1DAY 3,000円(1DAY)
トライフォースビジター1DAY 1,000円(1DAY)


※スポーツ保険 1,850円

How to become a member

Once you become a member of our gym, you can come as many times as you wish in a day!! (depending on the types of membership) You may come and take some exercises at our gym whenever you have time, even during your working time. Easy access is one of many advantages for our members.

Registration and membership fees (for two months) shall be paid by cash for registration. The fees will be deducted from your bank account after two months. (It will be deducted on 27th of the month)

 ※We will not charge registration fee if you become a member on the day of the trail class Waived

Registration and membership fees (taxes excluded)

Registration fee 10,000 yen per month
Membership fee 16,000 yen per month
Female membership fee 10,000 yen per month
Premier membership fee (male) 30,000 yen per month
Premier membership fee (female) 25,000 yen per month
1 day visitor 3,000 yen per day
1 day TRI-FORCE visitor 1,000 yen per day

※Premier members are able to participate in all the classes which are conducted at TRI-FORCE Akasaka and HIIT Gym Akasaka. For more details about HIIT Gym, please click here>>

※Sports insurance 1,850 yen


  • 入会申込書・・・ご来館時にお渡しします。
  • 会員規約・・・ご来館時にお渡しします。
  • 入会金、月会費(2ヵ月分)
  • スポーツ安全保険料:年間保険料1,850円
  • 印鑑
  • 金融機関

Items required for member registration

  • Registration form – Available at front desk
  • Membership terms and conditions - Available at front desk
  • Registration fee & Monthly membership fee for 2 months
    * Please contact us for more details
  • Sports safety insurance – 1,850 yen for 1 year
    We strongly recommend you to obtain this insurance in case of injuries, etc.
  • Stamp
    Stamp for your bank account is required
  • Proof of bank account
    Please bring a proof of bank account which shows the number of your bank account





About cancellation, prolonged absence, change the types of membership

If you wish to cancel, freeze, or change the types of membership, please fill out a form which is available at front desk and submit it to us by 5th of the month to be effective the 1st of the following month.
 ※Cancellation, etc. cannot be made by telephone calls or emails
 ※If there is an outstanding balance, it is required to settle the amount first

Freezing your membership
 While freezing the membership, it costs 1,000 yen (taxes excluded) per month

Cancellation of membership
 Please return the security pass when you cancel your membership




Private lessons

If you wish to cancel, please call or send an email to us by 18:00 one day before. After 18:00, we will charge the full amount of cancellation fees.